Friday, 29 August 2014


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During the first two days of the training, we were introduced with the basic actualities about project management. The session on project management was fruitful and trained us on how to manage a project and its implementation by delivering smarter solutions on time and within budget. These session were followed by additional two days training on financial management. As finances are a crucial part of organizational management, thus it is always a better idea to maintain a “Financial Policy” for the efficient functioning of any organization. Financial management is the lifeblood of any organization and this part of session was primarily designed to strengthen the financial management skills and confidence of Hashoo staff to control the financial resources more efficiently and effectively.
The third part of this well-rounded training session was more enthralling to me as it was based on proposal writing. Being an employee in the enterprise development program, I knew the concepts about financial and project management. Although I am an adamant learner who never take any trivial chances to let go, I always purported that proposal writing is an easy job to do. But after taking this session, my mind set has changed and I realized that the proposal writing is the one of the most vital and  technical jobs; indeed it is the backbone of any project.
These training sessions were followed by constructive discussions which led to further enhance the knowledge and understanding of the participants about the subject matter.  I am happy to admit that I have learnt a great deal from this training and the input and collaboration has been a massive help to me in enhancing my technical knowledge.

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